It’s not a party until kids are moving!

Traditions involving food to celebrate are great, but holidays and classroom parties offer a perfect opportunity to add extra physical activity to the school day. Ditch the food and get moving!

  • Let students come up with healthy party ideas and ask parents to share ideas for activities, games and crafts.
  • Have parents bring simple trinkets or games (like pens or fidget spinners) instead of cupcakes for birthdays.
  • Have a dance party. Let students select the music, and invite the principal and other school staff. Kidz Bop is a great resource for kid-friendly versions of popular, high energy tunes.
  • Get students involved in planning and preparing for celebrations—let them make decorations and favors and choose the games.

Make it stick:

The school health team or a group of students can work together to create a healthy classroom party guide to distribute to parents. You can also work with school leadership to implement a healthy classroom party policy that replaces food with activity.

Party Alternatives

  • Give children extra recess time instead of a party.
  • Celebrate by organizing a special community service project. Invite senior citizens for school lunch, collect goods and make cards for sheltered families, or organize a project outside for Earth Day.
  • Arrange a treasure hunt around the classroom. Provide a special non-food treat at the end. Use a theme that ties into what the kids are learning in class.
  • Hold a teacher vs. student or parent vs. student activity.

30 Reasons to Celebrate

Here are 30 ways to swap out cupcakes and candy for fun, active celebrations. Now that’s a reason to celebrate.

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