Pop Quiz for Parents

How healthy is your school?

Where do you think your child’s school is on a scale of 1 to healthy? Take this simple, 10-question quiz to find out if your school is in great shape or could use some improvements.

Is your child a little older? Take the middle school version of the quiz to see how their school stacks up.

Does your school have a health or wellness team?


Does your child get recess for 20 minutes every day?


Does your child have gym class for 150 minutes per week (i.e.,30 mins daily or 50 mins 3x per week)?


Does your school punish students for misbehavior by withholding recess or PE?


Does your child get daily exercise breaks in the classroom?


Do you think the lunch served at school is healthy?


Do classroom/school parties usually feature healthy food and/or physical activity?


Does your child learn about nutrition in class?


Does your school fundraise by selling only healthy food items or non-food items?


Does your school have healthy programs for staff and teachers?


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No matter where you find yourself on the school health spectrum—whether just dipping a toe in the water, actively starting a program, leading the Healthy Lifestyles program of your PTA or as a member of your school’s health team—you are sure to find resources, support and like (and diverse) minds to help you along the way.