You’ll want these V.I.P.s (Very Inspiring Parents) in your squad.

We’ve heard from parents around the country about the rewards of getting involved in school health. And the challenges. And the ways in which getting involved not only changed their children’s lives but also their own.

Not sure where to start? Frustrated? Need a little motivation? Look no further. Explore the stories of parents from schools large and small, from rural to urban to suburban. Get ready to get inspired. Then join the conversation with other parents in our community.

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Hold on to your pom poms. Parents talk about school health.

Do you know if your child has daily recess? Angela Browning and Amy Narvez from Orlando found out their children did not and took actions that led them all the way to the Florida State capitol. Watch what happened. 

See how Lynne Cody transformed school lunch in her rural town of Idalia, Colorado.

Bite-sized Best Practice: Walk and Bike to School days can work in any district...even when kids have a 45-minute bus ride to school. Watch how they do it in rural Idalia, Colorado!



"We want to capitalize on any opportunity possible to give students more time to move!"

Dana Dougherty
Arlington, VA

Dana Dougherty is a mom of three, substitute teacher and volunteer at Oakridge Elementary School in Arlington, Virginia. In 2011, Dana and the school's PTA started the 2FIT2QUIT team, made up of parents, teachers and community members looking to instill healthy habits in their kids. Over the years they have organized 5K runs, family fitness fairs, walk and bike to school Wednesdays, a summer fitness challenge and farm visits. Arlington Public Schools even asked to use the 2FIT2QUIT wellness team as a model pilot program for the district. Dana's latest project: securing pedal desks to keep kids active in class while they learn!


“I love that the work of preventing childhood obesity is really about promoting healthy, positive living.”

Greta Massetti
Atlanta, GA


“We decided that we would be the ones to start the wellness team in our community.”

Tom O'Connor
Englewood, CO


“My kids love the fact that there are rewards where they can actually have lunch with their teachers.”

Jackie Vega
Wellington, FL



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Peanut Butter Granola Bites

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