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Let’s be honest. A hangry kid is not a happy kid.

As adults, we know the pitfalls of skipping meals or choosing unhealthy snacks over healthy ones. Likewise, snacks can help keep children’s busy bodies and minds going during the day. But to get the full benefits, you want those snacks to be healthy. Healthy snacks can provide important nutrients, make up for picky eating and provide necessary fuel for learning, sports and other activities. Eating small, well-balanced snacks between meals can also keep kids from eating too much at mealtimes.

Snacks at school can appear at every turn. School programs, school staff or other parents provide snacks for students to share for celebrations and activities. Making those snacks as nutritious as possible—or even swapping them out for physical activity—is important for student performance and the development of healthy habits.

Smart Snacks at School

Is your school Smart Snack savvy? If foods are sold outside of the school day, are they healthy options? The Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010 included the USDA’s Smart Snacks in School Rule, setting standards for all foods and beverages sold in schools that participate in the national school meal program. To meet the Smart Snacks standards, a food must be a fruit, vegetable, protein, dairy, or whole grain; have fewer than 200 calories; and be low in fat, sodium, and sugar. Learn more at and

Don’t fear the snack attack at school. Explore related topics below for tips and ideas for how to encourage healthy snacks and even replace them with fun non-food activities.

Get Ready to Snack

Competitive Foods

Healthy foods are a win-win

Healthy Celebrations

Party the healthy way!

Snacks at Home

Smart snacking

Vending & Concessions

Health can mean wealth

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