Everyone knows that feeling of relief when you finally sit down for lunch after your stomach’s been growling. For kids at school, that midday meal isn’t just much-needed nourishment for growing bodies—it’s also an opportunity to recharge and re-energize for more learning in the afternoon. It’s so important that kids eat a healthy, well-rounded lunch because it literally fuels them! You wouldn’t push a car to keep going once the tank hits “empty,” so we can’t let our kids run on empty calories.

Explore this section to get tips on improving lunch for your kids, whether it’s packed or provided at school.

5 Healthy Cold Lunch Ideas

Need some inspiration for your packed lunches? Look no further. Check out these fun, well-balanced cold lunches from Amy Roskelley of Super Healthy Kids.

Get ideas

Transform School Lunch

When was the last time you ate school lunch? You may have heard that a lot has changed since you were in school, most siginficantly new nutrition standards. Learn the basics and how you can take action.

Healthier School Lunch

Bag Up a Healthy Meal

How often are you running out the door (five minutes late, of course) only to realize you forgot to pack your child’s lunch, let alone a healthy one? Get tips for making a quick and easy lunch your kids will love.

Nutritious Brown Bag Lunch

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Pop Quiz for Parents

How healthy is your school?

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