Food and Nutrition

What’s in a meal?

Well, besides the nutrients and energy your kids need to thrive today, healthy meals can set up children for a happier and healthier future. Eating the right kinds of foods and well-balanced meals can help prevent obesity and the diseases that often come along with it, such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes. But it can also give kids a whole bunch of academic advantages, such as better focus, better attendance, and better behavior. Simply put, kids who are well-nourished are better prepared to learn.

So how can you make sure your children are getting healthy meals and snacks? From school lunch to healthy celebrations, from breakfast to vending and concessions (and, of course, lots of healthy recipes) we’ve got everything you need to prepare—and advocate for—smarter, more nutritious foods.

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Mmm mmm, Mouthwatering Recipes

Check out these kid-approved healthy recipes straight from the ALDI Test Kitchen. From a healthy twist on mac and cheese to DIY fruit roll-ups, we’ve got you covered for all the meals of the day.

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Health at Home

Bite-size changes to family meals

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