Like a Boss: The Learning Connection

Hey, we’re not just doing this for our health!

The equation is pretty simple: good food + activity bodies = kids equipped for success! That’s right, kids who eat nutritious foods and stay active not only maintain a healthy weight and learn lifelong healthy habits, but they are also prepared to learn and perform better in school.

What’s not so simple is that our culture isn’t always centered around health. Outside the school, fast food restaurants are everywhere. Supersized meals, snacks and beverages have helped lead to supersized waistlines. Neighborhoods don't always have sidewalks, parks or safe places to play, which makes leading an active lifestyle a challenge. Inside the school, the availability of junk food throughout the day makes it harder to create a healthy school environment.

Yet, the evidence is clear: healthy children = better learners. Study after study shows kids who get regular physical activity aren’t just exercising their muscles, bones and hearts, but they are making their brains more fit as well! Studies also show that when children eat a healthy school breakfast, they see better math scores, better attendance, and reduced behavior issues. And we all know what happens when adults or kids consume too much sugar or unhealthy foods — we crash! So, nourished kids learn better too!

If you want data to support your cause and show your school that health = learning, check out Making the Case for School Wellness and Action for Healthy Kids’ report The Learning Connection: What you Need to Know to Ensure Your Kids are Healthy and Ready to Learn.



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