2018 Summer Activity Challenge

July 2-28, 2018

You’ve heard of the summer brain drain, but did you know that kids are also generally less active during the summer?

Due to a combination of irregular sleep patterns, increased screen time, and greater access to indulgent snacks while kids aren’t in school, kids gain weight significantly faster during the summer.

The Summer Activity Challenge is almost over, so registration is closed, but that doesn’t mean you can’t help fight summer weight gain. Check out these tips and ideas for having a healthy, active summer, including how to cut down on screen time.

How Does it Work?

Each week, we will email you a list of recommended themed activities that your kids (or all of you) can do to stay active. Themes include Engaging Exploration, Wet & Wild Water Games, Throwback Favorites, and Get Hustlin’.

With your kids, choose which activities you’d like to do each day to make sure they’re active for at least an hour. (We’ll even send indoor ideas for those bad weather days.) That’s it!

Share the Love with Other Kids

By donating to Action for Healthy Kids now, you help keep the physical activity momentum going for kids during the school year. Your donation allows us to provide wellness kits to schools that need tools and resources to get students moving.